Diligence is the mother of success.勤奋是成功之母。

Christmas comes but once a year.圣诞一年只一度。

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.勤勉是好运之母。

Deliberate slowly,执行 promptly.慢慢酌量,快快行动。

Dexterity comes by experience.熟练来自经验。

Do as most men do and men will speak well of thee.照大多数人那样干,人们会把你称赞。

Doubt is the key of knowledge.怀疑是知识之钥。励志名言

Every tide has its ebb.潮涨必有潮落时。

Everybody’s business is nobody’s business.众人的事就是无人过问的事。

Do business, but be not a slave to it.要做事,但不要做事务的奴隶。


1、世上没有绝望的处境,只有对处境绝望的人。1. there is no desperate situation, only the desperate situation of the people.

2、人之所以能,是相信能。2. one is able to, is able to believe.

3、莫找借口失败,只找理由成功。(不为失败找理由,要为成功找方法)3. no excuses for failure, only to find grounds for success. ( no excuses for failure, but to find a successful method )

4、伟人之所以伟大,是因为他与别人共处逆境时,别人失去了信心,他却下决心实现自己的目标。4. a great man is great, because he adversity coexistence with others, others have lost their confidence, he was determined to achieve their goals.

5、大多数人想要改造这个世界,但却罕有人想改造自己。5. most people want to change the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

6、当你感到悲哀痛苦时,最好是去学些什么东西。学习会使你永远立于不败之地。6. when the pain you feel sad, it is best to learn what things. Learning will make you forever remain invincible.

7、世界上那些最容易的事情中,拖延时间最不费力。励志名言7. the world's the most easy thing, the delay time of the effort.

8、积极的人在每一次忧患中都看到一个机会, 而消极的人则在每个机会都看到某种忧患。8. active in every crisis an opportunity for all to see, and the negative people in every opportunity to see some kind of hardship.

9、一个有信念者所开发出的力量,大于99个只有兴趣者。9. a belief that developed power, greater than 99 is only interested in.

10、每一发奋努力的背后,必有加倍的赏赐。10. behind each of the strenuous efforts, there must be double reward.

11、人生伟业的建立 ,不在能知,乃在能行。11. life is great, not in knowledge, but in can.

12、任何的限制,都是从自己的内心开始的。12. any restrictions, are from his heart began.

13、含泪播种的人一定能含笑收获。13. those who sow in tears will reap a smile.

14、欲望以提升热忱,毅力以磨平高山。14. the desire to enhance the enthusiasm, perseverance rubdown alp.

15、一个能从别人的观念来看事情,能了解别人心灵活动的人永远不必为自己的前途担心。15. a concept from the others things, to understand the mental activities of other people who never have to worry about his future.

16、一个人最大的破产是绝望,最大的资产是希望。16. one of the largest bankruptcy is despair, the greatest asset is hope.

17、不要等待机会,而要创造机会。17. do not wait for opportunities, but to create opportunities.

18、如果寒暄只是打个招呼就了事的话,那与猴子的呼叫声有什么不同呢?18. if the communication is to say hello and leave it, that voice calls and monkeys have what different?

19、昨晚多几分钟的准备,今天少几小时的麻烦。19. more preparation last night, fewer hours of trouble today.

20、做对的事情比把事情做对重要。20. do the right thing than to do the important things.

21、人格的完善是本,财富的确立是末。21. the perfection of personality is the establishment of wealth, is the end.

22、没有一种不通过蔑视、忍受和奋斗就可以征服的命运。22. do not pass without a contempt, to endure and struggle to conquer fate.

23、行动是治愈恐惧的良药,而犹豫、拖延将不断滋养恐惧。23. action is the medicine to cure fear, hesitation, delay will continue to nourish the fear.

24、没有天生的信心,只有不断培养的信心。24. there is no innate confidence, only by constantly cultivate confidence.

25、只有一条路不能选择——那就是放弃的路;只有一条路不能拒绝——那就是成长的路。25. only one way is not an option -- that is the way to give up; only one way it can not refuse -- that is the way to grow.

26、事实上,正确的寒暄必须在短短一句话中明显地表露出你对他的关怀。26. In fact, the correct greetings in just a sentence must be clearly demonstrate your love and concern to.

1、Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.


2、Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own.


3、Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its ovn, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fail.


4、Love is a plant of tenderest growth: treat it well, take thought for it and it may grow strong and perfume your whole life.


5、Love is... one thing you can't give away - it comes baack to you.


6、Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.

那些深爱的人永远不会变老,他们可能死于老龄,却依然年轻。 zl/转载请保留

7、Love between the very young is touching. Love between the very old is glory.


8、Love is all - from passionate folly to gentle kindness. This beautiful collection celebrates love in all its forms - a wonderful gift for someone special.


9、“Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all” — Alfred, Lord Tennyson“

只求曾经拥有,不求天长地久”— Alfred, Lord Tennyson

10、“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

“爱情总是有些疯狂的。但是总会有疯狂的理由”— Friedrich Nietzsche

11、“Love, free as air at sight of human ties, Spreads his light wings, and in a moment flies.” — Alexander Pope“

爱一旦看到人类的束缚,就会变成自由的空气,展开轻盈的翅膀,一会儿就飞走了”— Alexander Pope

12、“Love asks me no questions, and gives me endless support” — William Shakespeare“

爱无须向我提问,却给我无尽的支持”— William Shakespeare

13、“To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, is the next best thing” — William Thackeray“

爱了并且成功了是件好事情,爱了却失败了,那下一个将是最好的”— William Thackeray

14、“If you would be loved, love and be lovable.” — Benjamin Franklin“

要想被人爱,就要去爱别人,并让自己可爱”— Benjamin Franklin

15、“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” — Anonymous“

我们开始相爱不是因为找到了一个完美的人,而是因为学会了完美地看待一个不完美的人”— Anonymous

16、“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.” — G.K. Chesterton“

唯有明白失去的可贵,才知道任何珍惜”— G.K. Chesterton

17、“The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved.” - Victor Hugo“

生命的最大幸福是知道我们被爱着”— Victor Hugo

18、“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile” — Franklin P. Jones“

爱情不会让世界旋转。爱情是使旅行变得值得”— Franklin P. Jones

19、“The course of true love never did run smooth” — William Shakespeare“

真爱的路途充满坎坷”— William Shakespeare

20、“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller “

世界上最美好的事物是无法被看到或触摸到的,他们必须用心去感受。”— Helen Keller

1、a bosorn friend after brings distant land near 海内存知己,天涯若比邻.

2、A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother. 兄弟未必是朋友,而朋友总是兄弟。 ——Benjamin Franklin

3、A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort, but a friend is both. 父亲是财富,兄弟是安慰,朋友兼而有之。

4、A friend exaggerates a man’s virtue, an enemy his crimes. 朋友宣扬人的美德,敌人夸大人的罪过

5.A bosom friend afar brings distant land near. 海内存知己,天涯若比邻。

6.Admonish your friends in private, praise them in public. 在私底下要忠告你的朋友,在公开场合又表扬你的朋友。

7.A good book is a best friend who never turns his back upon us. 一本好书,莫逆之交。

8.Between friends all is common. 朋友之间不分彼此。

9.Friendship cannot stand always on one side. 来而不往非礼也。

10.Friendship is love with understanding. 友谊是爱加上谅解。

11.Friendship multiplies joys and divides griefs. 友谊可以增添欢乐,可以分担忧愁。

12.Friendship ---- one soul in two bodies. 友谊是两人一条心。

13.Friendship the older it grows the stronger it is. 友谊地久天长。

14.He is rich enough who has true friends. 有真朋友的人是富翁。

15、A man should keep his friendship in constant repair. 只有经常“浇灌”,方能保持友谊天长地久。

16、A man should keep his friendship in constant repair. ---Samuel johnaon, British writer 人应该经常维修友谊。 ---英国作家 约翰逊

17、A true friend is for ever a friend. ---Grorge Macdonald, British novelist 真正的朋友是永远的朋友。

18、Admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly. 告诫朋友要在私下里,但是夸奖朋友要公开。

19、Animals are such agreeable friends --they ask no questions, they pass no criticism. ---George Eliot, British novelist 动物是极易相处的朋友,它们不提问,也不批评。 ---英国小说家 艾略特 关于友谊的英语名言

20、Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.---Benjamin Franklin, American pesident 选择朋友要谨慎,换朋友更要谨慎。 ---美国总统 富兰克林

21、Be slow in choosing a friend; slower in changing. 选择朋友要审慎,摒弃更要审又慎。

22、Because friendships enhance our lives,it is important to cultivate them. 培植友谊十分重要,因为友谊能提高生活的价值。

23、Betraying a trust is a very quick and painful way to terminate a friendship.---Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker 背信弃义会迅速而痛苦地断送友谊。---美国思想家 爱默生

24、Both together do best of all. 二人同心,无往不胜。

25、Do not speak of your happiness to one less fortunate than yourself. 不要向不如你幸福的人说你自己的幸福。 ——Plutarch

26、Don’t ask others to also do not allow others to do the dirty things, as a principle of friendship既不请求别人也不答应别人去做卑鄙的事情,为友谊的一项原则。 --(古罗马)西塞罗

27、Don’t try to win a friend by presenting gifts. You should instead contribute your sincere love and learn how to win others’heart through appropriate ways.---Socrates, Ancient Greek philosopher不要用馈赠去获得朋友,你必须奉献你诚挚的爱,学会怎样用适当的方法来赢得别人的心。---古希腊哲学家 苏格拉底

28、Friendship is like money, easier made than kept. 友谊如金钱一般,容易得到却不易保持。 ——Samuel Butler

29、Friendship is the biggest effort and a friend to show our flaws, but he saw his own defects友谊的最大努力并不是向一个朋友展示我们的缺陷,而是使他看到自己的缺陷。 --(法)拉罗什夫科

30、Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world. 友谊是一根金线,把全世界的心连在一起。 ——J.Evelyn

31、Friendship is the greatest pleasure in life友谊是人生最大的快乐。 --(英)休谟 名人名言

32、Friendship often ends in love, but love, in friendship—never 友谊常以爱情而结束;而爱情从不能以友谊而告终。——C.C.Colton

33、Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. 幸福犹如香水,你不可能泼向别人而自己却不沾几滴。——Emerson

34、Happiness is when the need of sincere friendship, especially in times of trouble幸福的时候需要忠诚的友谊,患难的时刻尤其需要。 --(古罗马)塞涅卡

35、He that will not allow his friend to share the prize must not expect him to share the danger.---Aesop, Ancient Greek fable writer 不肯让朋友共享果实的人,不要指望朋友与他共患难。---古希腊寓言作家 伊索

36、Hypocritical friendship is like your shadow; when you are in the sun, it will closely follow you, but once you go into the shadow, it will leave you.虚伪的友谊有如你的影子;当你处在阳光下时,它会紧紧地跟着你,但你一旦走到阴暗处时,它立刻就会离开你。 --(英)培根


no body grows old merely by a number of years, we grow old by deserting our ideas. 人们渐长渐老不仅因为岁月的流失,更多的是因为我们对自己理想的背弃。

we talk much,we love only a little,and we hate too much; 我们说的多了,爱的却少了,我们的仇恨也更多了。


admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly. 要私下告诫朋友,但是要公开夸奖朋友。

he measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out. 衡量一个人真正的品质,要看他在知道永远也不会被人发现的情况下做些什么。

in love and cooking, you must give 100% effort... but expect little appreciation无论是烹饪还是爱情,都用百分之百的负责态度对待,但是不要乞求太多的回报。

英语短句]1)he cheats on her=他背着她偷吃;2) don’t tease me=别挖哭/讽我;3)please make room=请借过;4)nice going=干得好/漂亮;5)walls have ears=隔墙有耳;6) everything is in order?=一切都就绪/准备好了吗?7)it paid off={辛苦付出}是值的且已得到回报了

snap out of it!= [别再纠结难过]振作起来!;2) just let your hair down=你就好好放轻松[男女皆适用];3) deal != 咱们就这么说定了/一言为定! ;4) no biggie=没事[没啥大不了的];5) thumbs-up to you!=你表现很赞!加油!;6)you are so “anal” ['einl] =你很”叽歪/难搞”

it is a great ability to be able to conceal one's ability. 深藏不露是一种了不起的才能。

实用#英语短句#] 1)don’t let it get to you= 别为这事心烦/苦恼;2)this too will pass=这纠结或痛苦终究会过去的;3)love me; love my dog=爱屋及乌;4)such a 3d loser=真是个幺蛾子[字面指“三维的庸才”,边说此话,手可在额头前摆如图的手势];5)it’s finger-licking good=这玩意真是“吮指美味”啊

real beauty comes from learning, growing, and loving in the ways of life. that is the art of life.真正的美丽源于生命里的学习、成长和热爱。这就是的艺术。

money is important, but the responsibility that goes along with this job is what interests me the most.薪水固然重要,但这工作伴随而来的责任更吸引我.

a smile is like a sim card and life is like a mobile phone. whenever you insert the sim card of a smile, a beautiful day is activated.—— 微笑就如sim卡,而生活好比手机。把微笑的sim卡插入生活的手机,美好的一天就激活了。


[如何#回应道歉#的#英语#短句]:当别人道歉,说 i am sorry,你要表达"没事"/“没关系”,可以说:1) don't worry about it!;;2) no worries!;3) don't sweat it!;4) no sweat!;5) never mind it!;6) it's all cool!;7) it's okay!;8) it's alright!;9) it's fine!

always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but i never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry. 我知道再回首时,那些眼泪想来可笑;却不知再回眸时,那些欢声笑语也能叫我潸然泪下。


love and a cough cannot be hid. 爱情和咳嗽是藏不住的。

growth in wisdom may be exactlyi measured by decrease in bitterness. 智慧的增长可用痛苦的减少来精确衡量。

【morning~】don't expect things to happen. it's better to be surprised, than to be dissapointed——不要对生活抱有太多的期待,与其结果失望,不如收获意外惊喜。共3页,当前第1页123


莎士比亚(W. William Shakespeare;1564~1616)英国文艺复兴时期伟大的剧作家、诗人,欧洲文艺复兴时期人文主义文学的集大成者。留下了大量经典传世名作,自然会有一些经典的名言名句,学习啦为大家收集整理了一些莎士比亚名言:


目 录




The course of true love never did run smooth. (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1.1)真爱无坦途。 ——《仲夏夜之梦》/真诚的爱情之路永不会是平坦的。

Things base and vile, holding no quantity, love can transpose to from and dignity: love looks not with the eyes, but with mind. (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1.1)卑贱和劣行在爱情看来都不算数,都可以被转化成美满和庄严:爱情不用眼睛辨别,而是用心灵来判断/爱用的不是眼睛,而是心。——《仲夏夜之梦》

Lord, what fools these mortals be! (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3.2)上帝呀,这些凡人怎么都是十足的傻瓜!——《仲夏夜之梦》

The lunatic, the lover and the poet are of imagination all compact. (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 5.1)疯子、情人、诗人都是想象的产儿。——《仲夏夜之梦》

Since the little wit that fools have was silenc’d, the little foolery that wise men have makes a great show. (As You Like It, 1.2)自从傻子小小的聪明被压制得无声无息,聪明人小小的傻气显得更吸引眼球了。——《皆大欢喜》

世界是一个舞台,所有的男男女女不过是一些演员,他们都有下场的时候,也都有上场的时候。一个人的一生中扮演着好几个角色。 ——《皆大欢喜》

Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold. (As You Like It, 1.3)美貌比金银更容易引起歹心。——《皆大欢喜》

Sweet are the uses of adversity. (As You Like It, 2.1)逆境和厄运自有妙处。——《皆大欢喜》

Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak. (As You Like It, 3.2)你难道不知道我是女人?我心里想什么,就会说出来。——《皆大欢喜》

Love is merely a madness. (As You Like It, 3.2)爱情不过是一种疯狂。——《皆大欢喜》

O, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes! (As You Like It)唉!从别人的眼中看到幸福,自己真有说不出的酸楚!——《皆大欢喜》

It is a wise father that knows his own child. (A Merchant of Venice 2.2)知子之父为智。——《威尼斯商人》

Love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit. (A Merchant of Venice 2.6)爱情是盲目的,恋人们看不到自己做的傻事。——《威尼斯商人》

All that glisters is not gold. (A Merchant of Venice 2.7)闪光的并不都是金子。——《威尼斯商人》

So is the will of a living daughter curb’d by the will of a dead father. (A Merchant of Venice 1.2)一个活生生的女人的意愿,却被过世的父亲的遗嘱所限。——《威尼斯商人》



The quality of mercy is not strained. (A Merchant of Venice 4.1)慈悲不是出于勉强。——《威尼斯商人》

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. (Measure for Measure 2.1)有些人因罪恶而升迁,有些人因德行而没落。——《一报还一报》

O, it is excellent to have a giant’s strength; but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant. (Measure for Measure 2.1)有巨人的力量固然好,但像巨人那样滥用力量就是一种残暴行为。——《一报还一报》

I’ll pray a thousand prayers for thy death but no word to save thee. (Measure for Measure 3.1)我要千遍祷告让你死,也不祈求一字救你命。——《一报还一报》

O, what may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side! (Measure for Measure 3.2)唉!一个人外表可以装得像天使,但却可能把自己掩藏在内心深处!——《一报还一报》

Beauty, wit, high birth, vigour of bone, desert in service, love, friendship, charity, are subjects all to envious and calumniating time. (Troilus and Cressida 3.3)美貌、智慧、门第、臂力,事业、爱情、友谊和仁慈,都必须听命于妒忌而无情的时间。——《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达》

You gods divine! Make Cressida’s name the very crown of falsehood, if ever she leave Troilus. (Troilus and Cressida 4.2)神明啊!要是有一天克瑞西达背叛特罗里斯,那么就让她的名字永远被人唾骂吧!——《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达》

Beauty! Where is thy faith? (Troilus and Cressida 5.2)美貌!你的真诚在何方?——《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达》

Take but degree away, untune that string, and, hark, what discord follows! (Troilus and Cressida 1.3)没有了纪律,就像琴弦绷断,听吧!刺耳的噪音随之而来!——《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达》

要一个骄傲的人看清他自己的嘴脸,只有用别人的骄傲给他做镜子;倘若向他卑躬屈膝,不过添长了他的气焰,徒然自取其辱。 ——《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达》

O, she dothe teach the torches to burn bright! (Romeo and Juliet 1.5)啊!火炬不及她那么明亮。——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》

My only love sprung from my only hate ! (Romeo and Juliet 1.5)我唯一的爱来自我唯一的恨。——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. (Romeo and Juliet 2.2)名字中有什么呢?把玫瑰叫成别的名字,它还是一样的芬芳。——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》/名称有什么关系呢?玫瑰不叫玫瑰,依然芳香如故。

Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes. (Romeo and Juliet 2.3)年轻人的爱不是发自内心,而是全靠眼睛。——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. (Romeo and Juliet 2.2)那是东方,而朱丽叶就是太阳。——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》

A little more than kin, and less than kind. (Hamlet 1.2)超乎寻常的亲族,漠不相关的路人。——《哈姆雷特》

Frailty, thy name is woman! (Hamlet 1.2)脆弱啊,你的名字是女人!——《哈姆雷特》

This above all: to thine self be true. (Hamlet 1.3)最重要的是,你必须对自己忠实。——《哈姆雷特》

The time is out of joint – O, cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right! (Hamlet 1.5)这是一个礼崩乐坏的时代,唉!倒霉的我却要负起重整乾坤的责任。——《哈姆雷特》

Brevity is the soul of wit. (Hamlet 2.2)简洁是智慧的灵魂,冗长是肤浅的藻饰。/言贵简洁。——《哈姆雷特》

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. (Hamlet 1.5)天地之间有许多事情,是你的睿智所无法想象的。——《哈姆雷特》/在这天地间有许多事情是人类哲学所不能解释的。

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. (Hamlet 2.2)世上之事物本无善恶之分,思想使然。——《哈姆雷特》/没有什么事是好的或坏的,但思想却使其中有所不同。

To be or not to be: that is a question. (Hamlet 3.1)生存还是毁灭,这是个值得考虑的问题。——《哈姆雷特》

There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. (Hamlet 5.2)一只麻雀的生死都是命运预先注定的。——《哈姆雷特》

The rest is silence. (Hamlet 5.2)余下的只有沉默。——《哈姆雷特》

Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them. (Othello 1.2)收起你们明晃晃的剑,它们沾了露水会生锈的。——《奥赛罗》

O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on. (Othello 3.3)主帅啊,当心你会嫉妒,那可是一只绿眼的妖魔,它惯于耍弄爪下的猎物。——《奥赛罗》

Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, is the immediate jewel of their souls: Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing. (Othello 3.3)无论男人女人,名誉是他们灵魂中最贴心的珍宝,如果有人偷走了我的钱袋,他不过偷走了一些废物,那不过是些毫无价值的东西罢了。——《奥赛罗》

O, curse of marriage, that we can call these delicate creatures ours, and not their appetites! (Othello 3.3)啊!婚姻的烦恼!我们可以把这些可爱的人儿据为己有,却无法掌控她们的各种欲望。——《奥赛罗》

We cannot all be masters, nor all masters cannot be truly followed. (Othello 1.3)不是每个人都能做主人,也不是每个主人都能值得仆人忠心的服侍。——《奥赛罗》

Nothing will come of nothing. (King Lear 1.1)一无所有只能换来一无所有。——《李尔王》

Love’s not love when it is mingled with regards that stands aloof from th’entire point. (King Lear 1.1)爱情里面要是搀杂了和它本身无关的算计,那就不是真的爱情。——《李尔王》

How sharper than a serpent's tooth is to have a thankless child. (King Lear 1.4)逆子无情甚于蛇蝎。——《李尔王》


Blow, winds, and crack cheeks! Rage! Blow! (King Lear 3.2)吹吧!风啊!吹破你的脸颊,猛烈地吹吧!——《李尔王》

‘Tis this times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind. (King Lear 4.1)疯子带瞎子走路,这就是这个时代的病态。——《李尔王》

Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life, and thou no breath at all? (King Lear 5.3)为什么一条狗,一匹马,一只耗子都有生命,而你却没有一丝的呼吸。——《李尔王》

Fair is foul, and foul is fair. (Macbeth 1.1)美即是丑,丑即是美。——《麦克白》

I fear thy nature; it is too full o’the milk of human kindness. (Macbeth)我为你的天性担忧,它充满了太多的人情乳臭。——《麦克白》

What’s done cannot be undone. (Macbeth 5.1)做过的事情不能逆转。——《麦克白》/覆水难收。

Out, out, brief candle, life is but a walking shadow. (Macbeth)熄灭吧,熄灭吧,瞬间的灯火。人生只不过是行走着的影子。——《麦克白》



Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once. (Julius Caesar 2.2)懦夫在未死以前就已经死了好多次;勇士一生只死一次,在一切怪事中,人们的贪生怕死就是一件最奇怪的事情。——《凯撒大帝》/《英雄叛国记》


Men’s judgments are a parcel of their fortunes; and things outward do draw the inward quality after them, to suffer all alike. (Antony and Cleopatra 3.13)智慧是命运的一部分,一个人所遭遇的外界环境是会影响他的头脑的。——《安东尼和克里奥帕特拉》

Do not , for one repulse , give up the purpose that you resolved to effect .不要只因一次失败,就放弃你原来决心想达到的目的。










爱,和炭相同,烧起来,得想办法叫它冷却。 让它任意着,那就要把一颗心烧焦。










人可以支配命运 ,若我们受制于人 那错不在与命运, 而在于我们自己成功的骗子,不必再说谎以求生.因为被骗的人,全成为他的拥护者.To be or not to be That is a question外观往往和事物的本身完全不符,世人都容易为表面的装饰所欺骗。魔鬼为了陷害我们起见,往往故意向我们说真话,在小事情上取得我们的信任,然后我们在重要的关头便会堕入他的圈套。我没有路,所以不需要眼睛;当我能够看见的时候,我也会失足颠仆,我们往往因为有所自恃而失之于大意,反不如缺陷却能对我们有益。爱,和炭相同,烧起来,得想办法叫它冷却。让它任意着,那就要把一颗心烧焦.你一定要听我的嘱咐,把野心抛掉,天使们就是因为犯的野心的罪而堕落的,而人不过是他的创造主的影像,岂能希望通过野心而得到胜利?请用理性的液汁熄灭或减弱感情的火燄吧真理是喜欢公开交易的。这些高贵的天赋一但使用不当,思想腐化,必然变为罪恶,其面貌比起原来的秀丽来更丑恶十倍。说实话,我认为与其绫罗绸缎,珠光宝影,生活在忧愁痛苦之中,不如出生清寒,和贫贱人来往,倒落个知足常乐,还更好些。在你的右手里永远举着温顺的和平牌,免得忌妒之徒说閒话。虽说荣华易逝,但是如果真是因为不和,因为命运的关係,使他和荣华富贵一刀两段,这痛苦也真跟灵魂和肉体分家一样啊!爱你自己要爱在最后,珍惜那些恨你的人,诚实比起腐败会给赢得更多的好处。我们追赶一件东西的时候,不可跑的太勐、太快,跑过了头,反而得不到。难道你不知道勐火烧汤,汤涌出锅外,好像汤多了,其实是损耗了?我宽恕所有的人。儘管人们作了无数对不起我的事,我仍然是和他们合好的,我决不用黑色的怨恨来建造我的坟墓。我比起那些控诉我的卑鄙之徒还要富足的多,他们从来不知道什麽是真理。我现在立誓,而且用我的鲜血立誓,总有一天我流的血会引起他们的呻吟的。依靠帝王的颜色而生存的人是多麽可怜啊!在我们所企望看到的帝王的笑脸和帝王可能加在我们身上的毁灭之间,存在着多少痛苦和恐惧啊!远远超过战争和妇人所能引起的。他依但失败,就像撒旦一样,便是永劫不复.时间徜不照顾人,就会摧毁人的。善良的人,你的欢欣的眼泪表明你心地真诚。如果我丧失了真理和诚实,我就等于和我的敌人一起击败了我自己﹔如果没有了这两种品德,就是丧失了我这副躯体, 也不足惜。名字是什麽?玫瑰就算换了名字,也依旧芬芳。女人不是去了解的,是去爱的甜裡加甜, 不见其甜;乐中加乐, 才是大乐!在时间的大钟上, 只有两个字 -- 现 在 .知识是帮助你飞上天的翅膀 .爱情是一朵生长在绝壁悬崖边缘上的花,要想摘取就必须要有勇气。世界如舞台,你我只不过是个演员智慧乃灵魂之太阳。勤为无价宝,慎乃护身术可以量深浅的爱是贫乏的。魔鬼也会引证圣经来替自己的居心辩护。从敌人嘴里发出的讚美,才是真正的光荣。人生有如一匹善恶丝线交织的布,我们的善行必须接受我们过失的鞭策,我们的罪恶却又赖我们的善行加以掩饰放弃时间的人,时间也会放弃他.美满的爱情,使斗士紧绷的心情松弛下来 .太完美的爱情,伤心又伤身,身为江湖儿女,没那个闲工夫嫉妒的手足是谎言!上帝是公平的,掌握命运的人永远站在天平的两端,被命运掌握的人仅仅只明白上帝赐给他命运!一个骄傲的人,结果总是在骄傲里毁灭了自己爱是一种甜蜜的痛苦,真诚的爱情永不是一条平坦的道路的。因为她生的美丽,所以被男人追求;因为她是女人,所以被男人俘获如果女性因为感情而嫉妒起来那是很可怕的.不要只因一次挫败,就放弃你原来决心想达到的目的女人不具备笑傲情场的条件.


1、Happy Thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!

2、our first thanksgiving should be our best.我们第一次共度的感恩节是我们最美好的时光。

3、i wouldn't want to spend thanks-giving with anyone else.我只愿和你共度感恩节。

4、what a wonderful time to be together.在一起的时光多么快乐。

5、may your life be blessed with joy, love and miracles.希望你的生活里充满了欢乐、关爱和奇迹。

6、thanksgiving just won't be the same without you.没有你感恩节就不会一样了。

7、joy and fun, wish fulfillment and blessing, come to your home this thanksgiving!感恩节里尽情享受快乐吧!

8、i wouldn't want to spend thanks-giving with anyone else.我只愿和你共度感恩节。

9、have a mid-full thanksgiving!感恩节请不要暴饮暴食。

10、what a wonderful time to be together.在一起的时光多么快乐。

11、wish you a very special thanksgiving day for you and your family.愿你们有一个特别的感恩节。

12、i love to eat, so i love thanksgiving.我爱吃,所以我爱感恩节。

13、i wish you could be here on thanksgiving.但愿你能来过感恩节。

14、I love to eat, so I love Thanksgiving.我爱吃,所以我爱感恩节。

15、god bless you and your family at thanksgiving and always!上帝会保佑你和你的家人

16、i wish you could be here on thanksgiving.但愿你能来陪我过感恩节。

17、a card can say more than a thousand words. happy thanks giving day!千言万语敌不过卡片的祝福。感恩节快乐!

18、it will be sad not to see you during the holiday when families get together.没有你的节日我会感到难过。

19、have a full thanksgiving day!感恩节快乐!好好吃一顿吧。

20、thanksgiving is a great time to tell you that we love you kids.感恩节要说我们都爱你们!

21、Have a MID-FULL Thanksgiving!感恩节请勿暴饮暴食!

22、Have a FULL Thanksgiving day!感恩节快乐!好好吃一顿吧!

23、You are the joy of my life.是你给我带来了欢笑。

24、it will be sad not to see you during the holiday when families get together.家人团聚的节日里,不能看到你,我会感到难过。

25、for all the great things you say and do the best teacher’s award goes to you.因为您的身教言教,颁给您最佳教师奖。

26、this will be our first thanksgiving apart.第一次不在一起过感恩节。

27、just dig into the roast turkey. wish you a wonderful thanksgiving!愿你有一个美妙的感恩节。

28、thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year.感恩节是一年中最好的节日。

29、i am so grateful that i have you all with me on this thanksgiving day.盼望能和你一起共度感恩节。

30、thanksgiving is a time when i tell you that i love you.感恩节是对你表白的时候。

31、season's greetings to you all straight from our hearts.感恩节里献上最诚挚的祝福。

32、from all of us to all of you at thanksgiving.我们全体祝你们感恩节快乐。

33、thanksgiving wishes for you and your family.给你们全家感恩节的祝福。

34、warm wishes at thanksgiving.在感恩节,衷心地祝福你们。

35、We wish to show our gratitude and thanks with a small gift. Happy Teacher's Day!我们送您一件小礼物,以表我们对您的感激之情。教师节愉快!

36、You are like a third parent. We all love you and respect you.您就象我们的家长,我们都敬爱您。

37、The primary purpose of education is not to teach you to earn your bread, but to make every mouthful sweet.教育最主要的目的,不是教你懂得如何谋生,而是使每个人生活得更香甜。

38、We all like having you as our teacher. You have our respect and gratefulness.我们喜欢您做我们的老师,我们尊敬您、感激您。

39、Our beloved teacher, you are the spring shower that moistens our hearts. The love and care you have given us will encourage us to go through a long and arduous journey.亲爱的老师,您就象那春天的细雨,滋润着我们的心田。您给予我们的爱和关怀将鼓舞着我们走过艰难困苦.

40、My heartfelt thanks to you, dear teacher. On the voyage of life, you have kindled the light of hope for me. What you have done enriches my mind and broadens my view. On this day I honour you sincerely.亲爱的老师,向您表达我最衷心的感谢。在人生旅途上,您为我点燃了希望之光,您所做的一切润泽了我的心灵,开阔了我的视野。今天我向您致以崇高的敬意。

41、One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen.一个好教师具有化腐朽为神奇的力量。

42、I hope you are feeling thankful after your supper.希望你吃过晚饭后有感恩的心情。

43、for all the times I needed a shoulder to lean on.在我需要依靠之时,

44、thanksgiving day drips of tu, does yongquan phase when i reported.感恩节 滴水之恩,来日我当涌泉相报。

45、thanksgiving day "adversity shows insight," thank you help me tide over their difficulties!感恩节 “患难见真知”,谢谢你帮我度过难关!

46、thanksgiving day thank you and i together!感恩节 谢谢你和我同舟共济!

47、thanksgiving day i can not express the gratitude of, i can only say that i have in mind.感恩节 千言万语,表达不了我的感激之情,我只能说,我已铭记在心。

48、Thanks for being there as a friend so true!感谢有你,我真诚的朋友!

49、thanksgiving day your kindness, i did not tooth unforgettable.感恩节 您的恩情,我没齿难忘。

50、thanksgiving day daendade, bear in mind.感恩节 大恩大德,铭记在心。

51、thanksgiving day to you too much trouble, really sorry!感恩节 给你添了太多的麻烦,真是不好意思!

52、Thanksgiving Day thank you for giving me the concern, spoiled me, I was unwittingly the inability to fly to know arrangement. 感恩节 谢谢你给我的关怀,把我宠坏,宠得我不知不觉飞起来,才知道冥冥之中有安排。

53、Thanksgiving Day Too Lazy to and politely said thank you, We both that which crack with front teeth, how? 感恩节 懒得客气地来和你说谢谢,咱们到哪个馆子里撮一顿,唠唠嗑,如何?

54、thanksgiving day, i sincerely thank you for doing everything!感恩节 衷心谢谢你为我所做的一切!

55、Thanksgiving Day Let me how to thank you, when I move toward you, I would like to harvest trace of the original spring, you Izvestia my entire spring. 感恩节让我怎样感谢你,当我走向你的时候,我原想收获一缕春风,你却给了我整个春天。

56、thanksgiving day thank so rather say, a word, you are my lifelong friends and friends!感恩节 感谢的话毋宁多言,总之,你是我一生的知己好友!

57、thanksgiving day your help would be timely help, i feel grateful!感恩节 你的帮助无异于雪中送炭,让我感激涕零!

58、thanksgiving day who statement inch grass heart, reported in the apartments!感恩节 谁言寸草心,报得三春晖!


  There are no trails of the wings in the sky, while the birds has flied away.

  When keeping the ambiguity with you ,I fear I will fall in love with you, and I fear I will cry after your leaving.

3.人活着总是要得罪一些人的 就要看那些人是否值得得罪
  When alive ,we may probably offend some people.However, we must think about whether they are  deserved offended.

  I am looking for the missing glass-shoes who has picked it up

5.命里哊时钟需哊 命里无时莫强求
  You will have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don't kveth for it if it doesn't appear in your life.

  No one indebted for others,while many people don't know how to cherish others.

  Eternity is not a distance but a decision.

  Dreaming in the memory is not as good as waiting for the paradise in the hell
  Where there is great love, there are always miracles.

  20Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes.

  No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world.

  Love is a carefully designed lie.

  Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover.

14.凋谢是真实的 盛开只是一种过去
  Fading is true while flowering is past

  Why I have never catched the happiness? Whenever I want you ,I will be accompanyed by the memory of...

16.爱情…在指缝间承诺 指缝….在爱情下交缠.
  Love ,promised between the fingers
  Finger rift,twisted in the love

  If you weeped for the missing sunset,you would miss all the shining stars

  to feel the flame of dreaming and to feel the moment of dancing,when all the romance is far away,the eternity is always there

  If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered .

20.宁愿笑著流泪,嘢不哭著说后悔 心碎了,还需再补吗?
  I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry,when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?

  21.If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.

  22.Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

  23.At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

  24.Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me.

  25.Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.

  26.I need him like I need the air to breathe.

  27.If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.

  28.Love is a vine that grows into our hearts.

  29.If I know what love is, it is because of you.

  30.Love is the greatest refreshment in life.

  31.Love never dies.

  32.The darkness is no darkness with thee.

  33.We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us.

  34.There is no remedy for love but to love more.

  35.When love is not madness, it is not love.

  36.A heart that loves is always young.

  37.Love is blind.

  38.Love is like the moon, when it does not increase, it decreases.

  39.The soul cannot live without love.

  40.Brief is life, but love is long.

  41.Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.

  42.Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak.

  43.Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.

  44.My heart is with you.

  45.I miss you so much already and I haven't even left yet!

  46.I'll think of you every step of the way.

  47.Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.

  48.Passionate love is a quenchless thirst.

  49.The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart.

  50.On the word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.That word is love.


1、 那些没有消灭你的东西,会使你变得更强壮。 That which does not kill us makes us stronger. ——尼采

2、 但凡不能杀死你的,最终都会使你更强大。 That which does not kill us makes us stronger. ——尼采3、 "其实人跟树是一样的,越是向往高处的阳光,它的根就越要伸向黑暗的地底。 But it is the same with man as with the tree. The more he seeks to rise into the height and light, the more vigorousl" y do "his roots struggle earthward, downward, into the dark, the deep - into evil. ——尼采"4、 And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. 那些听不见音乐的人认为那些跳舞的人疯了。 ——尼采5、 "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. 你有你的路。我有我的路。至于适当的路,正确的路和唯一的路,这样的路并不存在。" —— 尼采6、 "Prefer to pursue the emptiness, also cannot have no pursuit. ( 闪点情话网)——尼采"7、 Growth in wisdom may be exactlyi measured by decrease in bitterness. -Nietzsch智慧的增长可用痛苦的减少来精确衡量。 ——尼采8、 "一段不幸的婚姻不是缺乏爱,而是缺乏友谊。 It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. ——尼采"9、 And lost be the day to us in which a measure hath not been danced. And false be every truth which hath not had laughter along with it . ——尼采10、 "”Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”“想要战胜怪物就要了解成为怪" 物的 过程;当你回望无底深渊的时候,无底深渊也回望着你” ——尼采11、 "The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous toy. 读书给我更多的憩息,引导我散步在别人的知识与灵魂中。 ——弗里德里希·威廉·尼采"12、 A wise man never loses anything if he has hilf. ( Nietzche )聪明的人只要能掌握自己,便什么也不会失去。 ——尼采13、 A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. 在疯人院随便逛一下你就能了解,信仰什么也证明不了。 ——尼采14、 "What does not kill me, makes me stronger. ——尼采"15、 "Hope is the worst of all evils, for it prolongs the torment of man. ——Nietzsche"16、 Faith: not wanting to know what the truth is. 信仰就是不想知道真相是什么。 ——尼采17、 He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how. 一个人知道自己为什么而活,就可以忍受任何一种生活。 ——尼采18、 The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. 我们飞得越高,我们在那些不能飞的人眼中的形象就越渺小。 ——尼采19、 "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. 婚姻不幸福,不是因为缺乏爱,而是因为缺乏友谊。 ——尼采"20、 That which does not kill us makes us stronger. 那些不能杀死我们的,使我们更强大。 ——尼采21、 "Without music, life would be a mistake. 如果没有音乐,生活就是一个错误。 ——尼采"22、 "国家所说的一切都是谎言, 它所拥有的一切都是偷取的。 ”Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.” - Friedrich Nietzsche ——尼采"
贝拉克·侯赛因·奥巴马(Barack Hussein Obama),1961年8月4日出生,美国民主党籍政治家,第44任美国总统,为美国历史上第一位非洲裔总统。1991年,奥巴马以优等生荣誉从哈佛法学院毕业,而后在著名的芝加哥大学法学院教授宪法长达12年(1992年-2004年)。2007年2月10日,宣布参加2008年美国总统选举。2008年11月4日正式当选为美国总统。在这匹黑马即将卸任美国总统之时,让我们再来回顾一下他的名言吧。1、我今天站在这里,因面前的任务感到谦卑,因你们的信任而感激,同时缅怀我们的前人所做出的牺牲。2、我要对那些正在看着我们的国家和人民说,无论你身处繁华的都市还是像养育了我父亲那样的小村庄:对于那些追求和平与尊严的男人、女人和孩子,美国将永远是你们的朋友,我们将继续和你们一起前进。3、我们有信心再次领导世界。4、我们的国家也许从来就不完美,但一代又一代人已经证明我们的国家可以不断被改善。5、我们需要避免梦想的匮乏,人们总是希望开好车,穿好衣服,住好房子,却不愿为之付出艰辛。每个人都应该尽量发掘自身潜力。6、他们说这永远不会发生,他们说我好高骛远,他们说这个国家陷入分裂,团结只是幻想……但是在这个1月的晚上,在这个决定历史的时刻,我们做到了。7、从今天开始,让我们团结一致,振作精神,开始重塑美国。8、柏林墙的倒塌是对暴政的谴责。9、人生因为承担责任而充实。10、今天,我们聚集在一起,因为我们选择了希望而不是恐惧;我们选择了为共同的目标团结在一起,而不是冲突与争执。11、当有人说我们办不到的时候,我们要以这个永恒的信条来回应他们:是的,我们能做到。12、如果你走的道路正确,也愿意坚持走下去,最终你会成功!13、世界已经变了,我们必须同时改变。14、只有我们内心坚定希望,才是我们保持不断努力,不断争斗,不断勇往直前的力量来源。15、我们吸收了各种文化的精髓,从世界的每个角落学习。16、政府所扮演的角色──应该帮助家庭获得体面的收入,购买他们的所需,有尊严地退休。17、人生说到底是自己的选择,自己的路在自己的脚下。18、我们仍然是这个地球上最繁荣、最强大的国家。19、互联网是历史上最公开透明的网络。我们需要让它一直公开透明下去。我会阻止网络供应商实行区别待遇,以避免限制网络上的表达自由。20、六十年前,一位父亲走入餐厅甚至无人理睬,而今天他的儿子可以站在这里,在你们面前许下最庄严的誓言。21、我们就是我们正在寻找的变化!22、最好的,尚未到来。23、今天,我们共同终结那些虚假的承诺、陈腐的教条、以及指摘与怨言。这些已经困扰了我们的政治体系太长时间。24、如果你走在正确的道路上,而且你愿意继续走下去(格言网),你终会进步。25、对于那些崇尚恐怖、滥杀无辜的人,我们的精神是强大而不可战胜的。你拖不垮我们,我们将会打败你。26、我们的今天是多少血汗、泪水换来的,但路才刚刚开始。今天,我们做出诚挚的努力,确保留给孩子们的世界,比现在的再好一点点。(格言网)27、伟大不是凭空而来的,而是赢得的。在我们的历程中,从来没有走捷径或是退而求其次。28、背不起十字架,就戴不起皇冠。29、随着世界越来越紧密地联系在一起,我们共同的人性将显露出来,美国必须承担引领新时代和平的重任。30、If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things arepossible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who stillquestions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.如果还有人对美国是否凡事都有可能存疑,还有人怀疑美国奠基者的梦想在我们所处的时代是否依然鲜活,还有人质疑我们的民主制度的力量,那么今晚,这些问题都有了答案。31、It's the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers thisnation has never seen, by people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the firsttime in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different, that theirvoices could be that difference.这是设在学校和教堂的投票站前排起的前所未见的长队给出的答案;是等了三四个小时的选民所给出的答案。其中许多人都是有生以来第一次投票,因为他们认定这一次肯定会不一样,认为自己的声音会是这次大选有别于以往之所在。32、Hello, Chicago.芝加哥,我来了!33、It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black,white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americanswho sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals ora collection of red states and blue states.这是所有美国人民共同给出的答案--无论老少贫富,无论是民主党还是共和党,无论是黑人、白人、拉美裔、亚裔、原住民,是同性恋者还是异性恋者、残疾人还是健全人--我们从来不是“红州”和“蓝州”的对立阵营。34、We are, and always will be, the United States of America.我们是美利坚合众国这个整体,永远都是。35、It's the answer that led those who've been told for so long by so many to be cynical andfearful and doubtful about what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history andbend it once more toward the hope of a better day.长久以来,很多人一再受到告诫,要对我们所能取得的成绩极尽讽刺、担忧和怀疑之能事,但这个答案让这些人伸出手来把握历史,再次让它朝向美好明天的希望延伸。35、It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this date in thiselection at this defining moment change has come to America.已经过去了这么长时间,但今晚,由于我们在今天、在这场大选中、在这个具有决定性的时刻所做的,美国已经迎来了变革。36、A little bit earlier this evening, I received an extraordinarily gracious call from Sen.McCain.我刚刚接到了麦凯恩参议员极具风度的致电。