1、The way to learn a language is to practice speaking it as often as possible. 学习一门语言的方法就是要尽量多地练习说。

2、Other people's interruptions of your work are relatively insignificant compared with the countless times you interrupt yourself. 别人对你工作的干扰与你自己无数次地打断自己相比,微不足道。

3、If you don't learn to think when you are young, you may never learn. 如果你年轻时没有学会思考,那就永远学不会思考。

4、Learning is the eye of the mind. 知识是心灵的慧眼。

5、Don't believe that winning is really everything. It's more important to stand for something. If you don't stand for something, what do you win 不要认为取胜就是一切,更重要的是要有信念。倘若你没有信念,那胜利又有什么意义呢?

6、No success in life merely happens. 人生中没有什么成功是纯粹偶然得来的。

7、The shortest answer is doing. 最简单的回答就是干。

8、Two heads are better than one. 三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮。

9、It takes a lot of thought and effort and downright determination to be agreeable. 要做到与人融洽相处,需要仔细地思考,认真地努力和痛下决心。

10、To sensible men, every day is a day of reckoning. -J.W.Gardner对聪明人来说,每一天的时间都是要精打细算的。

11、good is good, but better carries it. 精益求精

12、Relax! be patient and enjoy yourself. learning foreign languages should be fun. 放松点!要有耐性,并让自己快乐!学习外语应该是乐趣无穷的。

13、Great hopes make great man. 伟大的理想造就伟大的人。

14、God helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者。

15、if you want to be happy, make yourself useful.让自己做一个有用的人,这样才能获得幸福。、It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do. 不能爱哪行才干哪行,要干哪行爱哪行。

16、Growth in wisdom may be exactlyi measured by decrease in bitterness. 智慧的增长可用痛苦的减少来精确衡量。

17、A great man once said it is necessary to dill as much as possible, and the more you apply it in real situations, the more natural it will become. 一位伟人曾说,反复操练是非常必要的,你越多地将所学到的东西运用到实际生活中,他们就变得越自然。

18、Only the selfless can be fearless. 无私才能无畏。

19、When work is a pleasure, life is joy! When work is duty, life is slavery. 工作是一种乐趣时,生活是一种享受!工作是一种义务时,生活则是一种苦役。

20、A man should keep his friendship in constant repair. 只有经常“浇灌”,方能保持友谊长地久

21、The force of the wind tests the strength of the grass. 疾风知劲草。

22、Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene. 改变自己往往改变更为需要。

23、All things are difficult before they are easy. 凡事必先难后易。

24、When the night is darkest, dawn is nearest. 夜最黑时,黎明最近。

25、Learning any language takes a lot of effort. but don't give up. 学习任何语言都是需要花费很多努力,但不要放弃。

26、Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. 心之所愿,无所不成。

27、Rome wasn't built in a day. work harder and practice more. your hardworking will be rewarded by god one day. god is equal to everyone! 冰冻三尺,非一日之寒。更加努力地学习,更加勤奋地操练,你所付出的一切将会得到上帝的报答,上帝是公平的。、Something attempted, something done. 有所尝试,就等于有所作为。

28、Whoever is in a hurry shows that the thing he is about is too big for him. 不管是谁,匆匆忙忙只能说明他不能从事他所从事的工作。


1、All for one, one for all.


2、The sting of a reproach,is the truth of it.


3、10.You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of success.


4、You may be more happy than pinces,if you will be more virtuous.


5、Never trust to fine words.


6、When you're good to others,you are best to yourself.


7、5.Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.


8、Think twice before acting.


9、The excellency of hogs is fatness,of men virtue.


10、Be just to all,but trust not all.


11、Virtue and happiness are mother and daugher.


12、He that can bear a reproof,and mend by it,if he is not wise,is in a fair way of being so.


13、Each year one vicious habit rooted out,in time minght make the worst man good throughout.


14、Keep flax from fire,youth from gaming.


15、Cunning proceeds from want of capacity.


16、A true great man will neither trample on a worm,nor sneak to an emperpor.


17、Who judges best of a man,his enemies or himself?


18、A quite conscience sleeps in thunder,but rest and guilt live far adunder.


19、Beware,beware!he'll cheat'ithout scruple,who can without fear.


20、Adversity reveals genius, fortune conceals it.


21、When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


22、Cowards die many times before their deaths.


23、Let thy vices die before thee.


24、Treat other people as you hope they will treat you.


25、Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.


26、Knowledge is a measure, but practise is the key to it.


27、It is not enough to be industrious, so are the ants. What are you industrious for?


28、He laughs best who laughs last.


29、The good seaman is known in bad weather.


30、Equivocation is first cousin to a lie.


31、Suspicion is the poison of friendship.


32、Clean your finger,before you point at my spots.


33、Don't throw stones at your neightbours,if your own windows are glass.


34、Eat a peck of salt with a man before you trust him.


35、Behind bad luck comes good luck.


36、Never put off until tomorrow what may be done today.


37、Great hope makes great man.


38、A stitch in time saves nine.


39、Life itself, without the assistance of colleges and universities, is becoming an advanced institution of learning.


40、Hope for the best,prepare for the worst.


41、It is an equal failing to trust everybody, and to trust nobody.


42、Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour does the body.


43、A great man is always willing to be little.


44、A great talker is a great liar.


45、Whatever you go, go with all your heart.


46、Victory won't come to me unless I go to it.


47、Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom.


48、Do me the favour to deny me at once.


49、He that knows nothing,doubts nothing.


50、All human wisdom is summed up in two words wait and hope.


56、Adversity successfully overcome is the highest glory.


57、How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults.or resolution enough to mend them!


58、Follow your own course, and let people talk.


59、You may be too cunning for one,but not for all.


60、Never trust another what you should do yourself.



1、A great talker is a great liar.


2、You are not in charge of the universe; you are in charge of yourself.


3、Life lies not in living but in liking.


4、A leopard cannot change its spots.


5、A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.


6、Adversity leads to prosperity.


7、Live not to eat, but eat to live.


8、A bully is always a coward.


9、A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth.


10、A bad beginning makes a bad ending.


11、Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing well those you hold.


12、A good conscience is a soft pillow.


13、A good book is a good friend.


14、There is a history in all men's lives.


15、A friend is easier lost than found.


16、I eat merely to put food out of my mind.


17、Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.


18、A friend is never known till a man has need.


19、A good wife health is a man's best wealth.


20、For man is man and master of his fate.


21、A candle lights others and consumes itself.


22、A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.


23、A good husband makes a good wife.


24、"After you" is good manners.


25、A good beginning is half done.


26、A cat has 9 lives.


27、A good fame is better than a good face.


28、A good beginning makes a good ending.


29、A hedge between keeps friendship green.


30、A friend in need is a friend indeed.


31、A cat may look at a king.


32、A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.


33、Do one thing at a time, and do well.


34、Life is not all beer and skittles.


35、A fair death honors the whole life.


36、A close mouth catches no flies.


37、Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.


38、A burden of one's choice is not felt.


39、A constant guest is never welcome.


40、A faithful friend is hard to find.




1.love is photogenic. it needs darkness to develop. 爱情就象照片,需要大量的暗房时间来培养。

2.love the neighbor. but don‘t get caught. 要用心去爱你的邻居,不过不要让她的老公知道。

3.money is not everything. there‘s mastercard & visa. 钞票不是万能的,有时还需要信用卡。

4.never put off the work till tomorrow what you can put off today. 不要等明天交不上差再找借口,今天就要找好。

5.one flower does not make a spring一花独放不是春。

6.you don’t love a girl because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her!你不是因为她的美丽而爱她,而她却因为你的爱而美丽。

7.your future depends on your dreams. so go to sleep. “现在的梦想决定着你的将来”,所以还是再睡一会吧。

8.success is a relative term. it brings so many relatives. 成功是一个相关名词,他会给你带来很多不相关的亲戚。

9.the wise never marry, and when they marry they become otherwise. 聪明人都是未婚的,结婚的人很难再聪明起来。

10.there should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning. 应该有更好的方式开始新一天,而不是千篇一律的在每个上午都醒来。

11.when two‘s company, three‘s the result! 两个人的状态是不稳定的,三个人才是!

12.where there is a life,there is a way.有志者事竟成。

13.work fascinates me. i can look at it for hours! " “工作好有意思耶!”尤其是看着别人工作。

14.a dress is like a barbed fence. it protects the premises without restricting the view. 服饰就象铁丝网,它阻止你冒然行动但并不妨碍你尽情的观看。

15.a friend in need is a friend indeed.患难见真知。

16.children in backseats cause accidents. accidents in backseats cause children. 后排座位上的小孩会生出意外,后排座位上的意外会生出小孩。

17.every man should marry. after all, happiness is not the only thing in life. 再快乐的单身汉迟早也会结婚,幸福不是永久的嘛。

18.god made relatives; thank god we can choose our friends. 神决定了谁是你的亲戚,幸运的是在选择朋友方面他给了你留了余地。

19.hard work never killed anybody. but why take the risk? " “努力工作不会导致死亡!”不过我不会用自己去证明。

20.i’ll never forget the time we share together.我永远也不会忘记我们在一起的日子。

21.life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what you’re gonna get。生活就像巧克力,个中滋味难以预料。

22.living without goal is like sailing without a compass.没有目标的生活就如同没有罗盘的航行。

23.love alone could waken love!只有爱才能唤醒爱!



1.nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind on it.世上无难事,只怕有心人。

2.on life’s earnest battle they only prevail, who daily march onward and never say fail.生活在顽强战斗中,只有每天不屈不挠奋勇向前的人才能取得胜利。

3.perseverance is falling nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.只要坚韧不拔,失败十九次之后,第二十次就会成功。

4.poverty is not a shame, but the being ashamed of it is.贫穷非耻辱 耻贫乃耻。

5.prosperity is not without many fears and disasters, adversity is not without comforts and hopes.幸运中并非不搀杂各种担心与烦恼,而厄运中也并非不存在欣慰与期望。

6.strength alone knows conflict, weakness is below even defeat, and is born vanquished. 只有强者才懂得斗争;弱者甚至失败都不够资格,而是生来就是被征服的。

7.the darkest hour is that before the dawn.黎明之前最黑暗。

8.the drop of rain makes a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by of falling.雨滴穿石,不是靠蛮力,而是靠持之以恒。

9.the horizon of life is broadened chiefly by the enlargement of the heart.生活的地平线是随着心灵的开阔而变得宽广的。

10.a man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.一个人可以失败很多次,但是只要他没有开始责怪旁人,他还不是一个失败者。

11.a strong man will struggle with the storms of fate.强者能同命运的风暴抗争。

12.a thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step.千里之行,始于足下。

13.all that you do, do with your might; things done by halves are never done right.做一切事情都应尽力而为,不可半途而废。

14.do nor for one repulse, for go the purpose that you resolved to effort.不要因为一次挫折就放弃你原来决心要达到的目标。

15.for all pain helps to make us rise, however much we may hate it at the time.一切痛苦都有助于我们奋发向上,不论我们当时是多么憎恨它。

16.fortune shows her power when there is no wise preparation for resisting her.没有向命运抗争的明智准备,命运便会显示其威力。

17.good courage breaks bad luck.勇气可以改变厄运。

18.great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.大业成于百折不挠,不论力量大小。

19.he who seize the right moment, is the right man.谁把握机遇,谁就心想事成。

20.hope for the best and prepare for the worst.抱最好的希望 做最坏的大算。

21.in time of prosperity,friends will be plenty ,in time of adversity,not one amongst twenty. 得势时朋友盈门,失势时不见一人,富在深山有远亲,穷在闹市无人问。

22.man errs as long as he strives.失误是进取的代价。

23.man struggles upwards; water flows downwards. 人往高处走,水往低处流。

24.no road of flowers lead to glory.没有一条通往光荣的道路是铺满鲜花的。

25.victory won’t come to me unless i go to it.胜利是不会向我们走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。

26.wish you an endless view to cheer your eyes, then one more story mount and higher rise.欲穷千里目,更上一层楼。

27.if you should put even a little on a little, and should do this often, soon this too would become big.伟大的事业是通过不懈努力,一砖一瓦堆起来的。


1、A lways bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.永远记住:决心成功比任何一件事都重要。

2、A man who neglects his studies in youth will regret it in later years.少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。

3、Achievement provides the only real pleasure in life.有所成就是人生唯一的真正乐趣。

4、Always at it wins the day.锲而不舍者胜。

5、But has the last word been saidIs all hope to be lost Is the defeat final No!难道败局已定,胜利已经无望?不,不能这样说!

6、Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist,but you have ceased to live.不要放弃你的幻想。当幻想没有了以后,你还可以生存,但是你虽生犹死。

7、I succeeded because I willed it;I never hesitated.我成功是因为我有决心,从不踌躇。

8、If you wish to succeed,you should use persistence as your good friend,experience as your reference,prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.如果你希望成功,当以恒心为良友、以经验为参谋、以谨慎为兄弟、以希望为哨兵。

感谢欣赏本文,更多经典语句请关注:关于逆境和成功的名言警句 有关励志成功的名言 9、Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily. 只有有耐心圆满完成简单工作的人,才能够轻而易举地完成困难的事。

10、Power invariably means both responsibility and danger.实力永远意味着责任和危险。

11、Success covers a multitude of blunders.成功由大量的失望铸就。

12、The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want,and if they cannot find them .they make them.(George Bernard Shaw , British dramatist)在这个世界上,取得成功的人是那些努力寻找他们想要机会的人,如果找不到机会,他们就去创造机会。

13、To do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom.为了保住这最后的、最伟大的自由堡垒,我们必须尽我们所能。

14、We cannot always build the future for our youth,but we can build our youth for the future.我们不能总是为我们的青年造就美好未来,但我们能够为未来造就我们的青年一代。

15、Where there is a will,there is a way.有志者,事竟成。

16、You have to believe in yourself.That’s the secret of success.人必须相信自己,这是成功的秘诀。

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1.Failure is the mother of success. 失败乃成功之母

2.Drops of water outwear the stone. 水滴石穿

3.Where there is a will, there is a way /Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 有志者事竟成

4.Genius only means hard-working all one's life. 天才只意味着终身不懈的努力

5.No pain, no gain. 不劳不获

6.Diligence is the mother of success. 勤奋是成功之母

7.You have to believe in yourself.That's the secret of success.相信自己,这是成功的秘诀

8.All things are difficult before they are easy. 万事开头难

9.God shuts one door but he opens another. 天无绝人之路。

10.If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well. 凡值得做的事情都值得做好

11.Patient men win the day. 有耐心的人最终将会成功

12.A road of a thousand miles begins with one step. 千里之行始于足下

13.He who risks nothing, gains nothing. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子

14.If there were no clouds, we should not enjoy the sun. 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人

15.No sweet without sweat. 苦尽才能甘来

16.Water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock away. 水滴石穿

17.Adversity makes a man wise, not rich. 逆境出人才

18.Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success.自信是走向成功的第一步

19. Never say die. 永不言败

20. Rome is not built in a day. 冰冻三尺非一日之寒

21. Success belongs to the persevering. 坚持就是胜利

22.Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent of perspiration.天才是百分之一的灵感加上百分之九十九的汗水

23.There are only two creatures, who can surmount the pyramids—the eagle and the snail.能够翻越金字塔的生物只有两种,一是雄鹰,一是蜗牛

24.Knowledge is power. 知识就是力量

25.Live and learn. 活到老,学到老

26.The more you know, the more you find you don't know. 知之愈多,便觉知之愈少

27.Never teach a fish to swim. 切勿班门弄斧

28.Never too old to learn; never too late to turn. 学习不厌老,改过不嫌迟

29.Better sense is the head than cents in the pocket. 口袋里有钱不如头脑里有知识

30. The greatest artist was once a beginner. 最伟大的艺术家也曾是个初学者

31.It's never too late to learn. 活到老,学到老

32.A good book is a good friend. 好书如同挚友

33. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 只会学习不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻

34. A young idler, and old beggar. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲

35. By reading we enrich the mind, by conversation we polish it.读书使人充实,交谈使人精明

36. Experience must be bought. 吃一堑,长一智

37. There is no royal road to learning. 学问无捷径

38. Imagination is more important than knowledge. 想象力比知识更重要

39. The empty vessels make the greatest sound. 满瓶不响,半瓶咣当

40. If you don't learn to think when you are young, you may never learn.如果你年轻的时候没有学会思考,那么就永远学不会思考

41.There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.最有益的是知识,最有害的是无知

42. Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧

43. Pride goes before a fall. 骄者必败

44. Seeing is believing 眼见为实

45. Silence is golden. 沉默是金

46. What is done by night appears by day. 若要人不知,除非己莫为

47. Strike while the iron is hot. 趁热打铁

48. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 做最好的打算,做最坏的准备

49. Doing everything is doing nothing. 事事都做,一事无成

50. Beauty lies in lover's eyes. 情人眼里出西施


1. Do business, but be not a slave to it.

2.Everybody’s business is nobody’s business.

3. Work makes the workman.

4. Better master one than engage with ten.

5. A work ill done must be twice done.

6. They who cannot do as they would, must do as they can.不能如愿而行,也须尽力而为。
7. If you would have a thing well done, do it yourself.

8. He that doth most at once doth least.

9. Do as most men do and men will speak well of thee.

10. What may be done at any time will be done at no time.

11. Better late than never.

12. Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

13. The shortest answer is doing the thing.

14. Action is the proper fruit of knowledge.

15. Finished labours are pleasant.

16. It is lost labour to sow where there is no soil.

17. It is right to put everything in its proper use.

18. Affairs that are done by due degrees are soon ended.

19. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

20. Work bears witness who does well.

21. It is not work that kills, but worry.

22. He that will not work shall not eat.

23. Business is business.


24. An idle youth, a needy age.


25. Put your shoulder to the wheel.

26. Never do things by halves.

27. In for a penny, in for a pound.

28. Many hands make quick work.

29. Many hands make light work.

30. A bad workman quarrels with his tools.

31. Diligence is the mother of success.

32. Idleness is the root of all evil.

33. Care and diligence bring luck.

34. Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

35. Industry is fortune’s right hand, and frugality her left.

36. Idleness is the key of beggary.

37. No root, no fruit.

38. Idle people (folks) have the most labour (take the most pains).

39. Sloth is the key of poverty.

40. Sloth tarnishes the edge of wit.

41. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

42. The secret of wealth lies in the letters SAVE.



on your way to success, you must keep your direction.在通往成功的路上,你必须坚持你的方向。

what would you do if you failed? many people may choose to give up. however, the surest way to success is to keep your direction and stick to your goal.如果失败了你会怎么做?很多人可能会选择放弃。然而,要想成功,最可靠的方法就是坚持你的方向和目标。

we don’t know that what we’ve got until we lose it, but we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. 我们往往在失去时才明白自己拥有的东西曾经多么美好;然而,当我们能够拥有一样东西时,我们才明白从前失去一些什么。

『双语经典语录』“you couldn't see my tears cause i am in the water.” fish said to water. “but i could feel your tears cause you are in me.” answered water. 鱼对水说你看不到我的眼泪,因为我在水里。水说我能感觉到你的眼泪,因为你在我心里。

i miss you not because of my loneliness but i do feel lonely when i miss you. i love you not because of who you are, but because of who i am when i am with you.——不是因为寂寞才想你,是因为想你才寂寞;不是因为你是谁才爱你,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉。

『光棍节扫盲』①光棍节用英语什么叫?singles day.②每年的11月11日是光棍节:singles day falls on every november 11th.③我一个人,我单身:i'm single.④她到现在还没有男朋友:she's still unattached.⑤他没有女朋友:he's available.⑥我是光棍,愿意交往:i'm single and ready to mingle.

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 手中的一只鸟胜于林中的两只鸟。——heywood希伍德

growing old is not upsetting; being perceived as old is. 越来越老并不可怕,可怕的是让人觉得越来越老

the reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. ( bernard shaw )明白事理的人使自己适应世界;不明事理的人想使世界适应自己。(萧伯钠)

if you do not learn to think when you are young, you may never learn. ( edison )如果你年轻时不学会思考,那就永远不会。(爱迪生)

other men live to eat, while i eat to live. 别人为食而生存,我为生存而食。——socrates苏格拉底

blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall not be disap-pointed. alexander pope. british poet 一无所求的人是幸福的,因为他永远也不会失望。 古雅典政治家梭伦

『经典双语语录』in life, there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. the true joy of life is the trip. the station is only a dream. 在人生的旅途中并没有车站,也没有一个能够一老永逸的地方。生活的真正乐趣在于旅行的过程,而车站不过是个梦。

the function of man is to live, not to exist. i shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. i shall use my time. 人的职责是生活,而不是存在。 我不会浪费时间试图延长寿命。 但,我会用尽生命中的每一秒。

a friend in need is a friend indeed.患难朋友才是真正的朋友。

to live is to function. that is all there is in living. (holmes)活着就要发挥作用,这就是生活的全部内容。(霍姆斯) ...

do not , for one repulse , give up the purpose that you resolved to effect .(william shakespeare , british dramatist) 不要只因一次失败,就放弃你原来决心想达到的目的。(英国剧作家 莎士比亚.w.)共3页,当前第1页123


at any point on earth from the sun are equally distant. - burton

i prefer to rely on its own strength to open my future, rather than those who favor a strong demand. - victor hugo

no matter what we step on stilts, do not have their own feet will not do. - brecht

the most fiery hell is for those who test in the great spirit of those who remain neutral in the preparations.- dante

self-confidence is the first secret of success. - ralph waldo emerson i have only one advice to you - do your own master. - napoleon

self-confidence and hope that is the prerogative of youth. - dumas

stubborn as well, their own thinking tomorrow will know today. - g. b.

we have confidence in ourselves, others will allow initiation of our confidence in the green shoot. - ancient拉劳shifu

in addition to personality, the biggest loss of life than to lose a confidence. -培尔辛

those who have confidence can be of little of a great, for the magic of mediocrity. - george bernard shaw

strong confidence that will enable ordinary people to make amazing career. - martens

columbus found a world, do not use charts, he is in the sky clearing up doubts "confidence."-桑塔雅娜

i can float in the morass of life without depression sewage is my confidence. - dante

in any case, the "rumor" dumb can not scare me. - lu xun

天生我材必有用. - li han de-chi, who knew that he was prescribed. - old dan "lao zi"

patriots qualities of gas, should not sell ourselves short. - zhuge liang

who better to rely on self-reliance also. (rely on, rely on.) - pre-qin dynasty "hanfeizi & mi地球上的任何一点离太阳都同样地遥远。——伯顿我宁愿靠自己的力量打开我的前途,而不愿求有力者的垂青。——雨果不管我们踩什么样的高跷,没有自己的脚是不行的。 ——布莱希特地狱中最炽热的地方是为那些在伟大精神考验中保持中立的人准备的。——但丁自信就是成功的第一秘诀。——爱默生我只有一个忠告给你——做你自己的主人。——拿破仑自信和希望是青年的特权。——大仲马固执也有好处,自己明天的思想今天可以知道。——g.b.我们对自己抱有的信心,将使别人对我们萌生信心的绿芽。——拉劳士福古除了人格以外,人生最大的损失,莫过于失掉自信心了。——培尔辛有信心的人,可以化渺小为伟大,化平庸为神奇。——萧伯纳坚决的信心,能使平凡的人们,做出惊人的事业。——马尔顿哥伦布发现了一个世界,却没有用海图,他用的是在天空中释疑解惑的“信心”。——桑塔雅娜能够使我飘浮于人生的泥沼中而不致陷污的,是我的信心。——但丁无论如何,“流言”总不能吓哑我的。——鲁迅天生我材必有用。——李白知人者智,自知者明。——老聃《老子》恢弘志士之气,不宜妄自菲薄。——诸葛亮恃人不如自恃也。(恃,依靠。)——先秦《韩非子&mi